White Stairway Consulting

About Us

What should you know about our organization?

White Stairway Consulting as a business concept has emerged from the Mindfulness Meditation Sessions of Ronald Jansen, the founder. “White” means “Independent”. The “Stairway” means the steps, the road. So as we call it: “Your White Stairway to Success”Because “Success” is that where we stand for. Next to this we want to help You to the next step with achieving this success.  This makes us “Consultants”.

White Stairway Consulting is facilitating you with projects from a business, multidisciplinary and mindful perspective, providing you solutions for Your problems, saving You money.

Based on a planned, structured, analytical, process and result oriented method. Next to our knowledge on the interface of Marketing, Sales, Service, ICT and Organization.

Our very strong organizational skills will help you along the way. The way above. Accompanied by our  business oriented, driven and social sensitive attitude.

Professionals that gain trust and make contacts very quickly, are communicating excellently and are pulling people with their enthusiasm on the line.

                                                                       Ronald Jansen